Quickie – Part Deux

Had another quick oral session last night. TW feel asleep pretty quickly after I finished. Got to suck on her titties this morning before leaving for work. Looking forward to another oral session tonight.

Life is good.



Got in a nice, albeit quick, oral session last night that left TW gasping for breath.

Good to see I still got it.


We had an awesome session Saturday morning. There was CG, spanking, hair pulling, nipple sucking, face fucking, spunk swallowing, spoon fun to be had and damn it, we had it!

Also got some good news this morning. TW no longer has to wear a boot or use her crutches! Doctor said everything looks healed and she’s good to go. Still has to wear a lace up brace on the ankle, but, otherwise, she’s released from restrictions.

Wait, How Is That My Fault?

So, our little sex streak is over. After having a nice, orgasmic CG session over the weekend, followed by a few days of oral pleasure, we missed out last night. TW fell asleep. This morning she was bemoaning the fact that I didn’t eat her last night. Hey, I’m not the one that fell asleep as soon as I had hands laid upon me.
She deals with fibromyalgia, so, being the kind, considerate husband I am, she gets a massage every night. Most times it does lead to her falling asleep, other times it leads to sex. Unfortunately for her, she had a shitty day yesterday and was beat, so, as soon as I started rubbing her, she fell asleep. She told me she didn’t sleep very well last night and it was my fault. HUH? Oh! I didn’t eat her. She was kidding of course and I don’t take offense.
Guess I’ll just have to suck it up and go down tonight. Wait, I LOVE going down on her. No sucking it up needed.

Rolling Along

Well, after our CG session the other day, we are on quite a roll. I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to eat TW’s tasty pussy two days in a row now. The first night was a quick, get me to sleep session, while last night’s was an orgasmic feast.

I really outdid my self last night. TW had numerous strong orgasms and fell asleep as soon as I finished. In addition to eating her, I worked her nipples over pretty thoroughly, pinching and pulling and twisting away. Nipple play always makes her gush. This morning, I asked her how she slept and she replied, “As good as I have in a while.”

Mission accomplished.

“I Need Sexual Healing…”

Great news! TW was able to mount up CG style this weekend and ride me to several strong orgasms! WOOT! WOOT!

She started by blowing me and, when I got hard, she mounted up and rode my cock. She didn’t even think about her leg and all was fine. I got in some ass slapping, tit sucking, hair pulling and finished by blowing a rather large load down her throat. Like the cum loving slut she is, she didn’t miss a drop.

It’s good to be back in the saddle.

Shhh…We’re Healing Here

Things have slowed down a bit. TW is still healing and she caught a cold recently that has totally drained any energy she’s had. I’m fighting something myself so I’m not pushing for sex. We’ll get back to it eventually.

TW is back at work 5 days a week. Well, the doctor told her she’s cleared for it. I don’t know if she’ll actually do it since she gets tired pretty quickly these days. So far so good though. This week she’s 3 for 3. I told her to not push herself. If she feels tired, just go home. She’s been cleared for putting full weight on the leg/ankle, as long as she’s in the walking boot. We’re getting there.